Being Flexible in Challenging Times

My entire business model is based on the concept of going to my clients. I go to nursing homes, I go to their homes, I meet in my office, or I’ll meet them at Panera. I go where they are most comfortable. Unfortunately, that model is on hold for the near future. However, planning for the future cannot stop even though there are challenges with that as well. For the most part, until it is safe to do so, we can no longer do in person will signings or sign and witness power of attorney documents. With so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, this is very difficult.

In the meantime, I will continue to meet with clients but will be doing it virtually over the phone or video conference. I know that my clients and friends at the nursing homes we visited loved having my dog Miss Jay Jay visit, and she is available for some screen time as well. But in all seriousness, my normal Estate Planning Services will be offered virtually. Typically, there are two meetings – the initial meeting to get all of your information and goals. Then, after I draft the documents, and you have ample time to review, edit, add, etc., we have a final meeting to execute the documents with witnesses and a notary. During this period, everything will be the same but with conference or video calls and as many as you would like. These are your documents, and they should be exactly as you need them to be. You will get your final documents sent to you at this time. We will have to postpone the execution of the documents until it is safe to do so.

I also offer Medicaid Planning Services including Asset Protection Analysis to determine how quickly a loved one can become financially eligible for Medicaid while preserving as much of their assets as possible. These meetings can all be done remotely, and the documents can be sent electronically for review. No in person meetings need to take place, unless estate planning documents need to be executed as part of the plan.

If you are like me, a parent home with their children for the foreseeable future, then you also understand that these times require flexibility and adaptation to changing circumstances. I created my practice to help families by making it easier and coming to them, one less thing to worry about when planning with a special needs family member, or dealing with an elderly parent. This too shall pass. But in the meantime, we should still continue forward and make sure we have well thought out plans in place as best we can to take some of the stress and uncertainty out of our future.

Miss Jay Jay – she loves to visit her friends

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