There are numerous resources and websites to help you and your family navigate the world of elder law, and the issues associated with Medicaid, long term care and Estate planning.


FINRA’s Broker Check is a fantastic resource to look up your broker or investment advisor for any past disciplinary history or disclosures. FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, also has a Senior Helpline, that helps seniors with questions or concerns they may have about their investments or advisors.


The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services puts out the Long Term Care Handbook which is a comprehensive guide for long term care and services in Pennsylvania.


The Conversation Project is a starting place for how to have those uncomfortable conversations about end of life decisions with family members. Together with your doctors, your family members and your attorney, you can have a Living Will that reflects your wishes and desires.

Longevity Income Solutions

If you are not yet at the crisis stage, needing skilled nursing care or medicaid planning, but are looking for a way to ease the burden as your parents or spouse need that next level of care, consider contacting Longevity Income Solutions. They will look at the whole picture, and help see what can be done to create a plan to get more care for what your family needs now.

Caregiver Consultant – Aimee J. Gustitis, BSN, RN, JD

Sometimes you need help when dealing with a loved one in hospice, or nursing care. Trying to come up with a plan as a family, coordinate schedules, care plans, attorneys for crisis planning and legal issues, financial issues, doctors – its hard. A caregiver consultant is there to help you navigate during an emotional time and prepare you to make informed decisions with your loved one.

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