Estate Administration

Estate Administration may mean several things, including probating a will, filing for Letters of Administration for an intestate estate, or administering a trust after the grantor dies. Saulino Law can help in each of these situations.

If the deceased had a will, probate is initiated in the county that the individual resided. Essentially, a will is filed with the county and administration of the estate is started. This involves publishing notice of the death for potential creditors, opening a bank account for the estate, filing inheritance taxes, and paying creditors and heirs.

If someone passes without a will, it is said that that person died intestate. The process is similar to if they died with a will, except there are a few additional requirements which we can help with.

Trust administration is unique in each situation depending up on the trust itself. Saulino Law can help transfer assets under the trust, create sub trusts, and help the beneficiaries as needed.

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