Elder Law

As we get older, there are a lot of unknowns that we face. While we all would like to think we won’t get sick or need long term care, it is always a possibility.  Medicaid planning can be broken down into two different categories. First, there is long term planning.  Medicaid has a five year look back period. Ideally, with long term Medicaid planning and asset protection, you will have at least five years before you will need Medicaid assistance. There are numerous strategies Saulino Law can help your family plan and implement. 

The second category of Medicaid planning is crisis planning. This typically occurs when a family member has an immediate need for a nursing facility or long-term care. For crisis planning, the five year look back period still applies. Some areas of concern may be gifts made to family members. They may have a healthy spouse at home, also known as a community spouse, that needs to be financially provided for as well. There may be some assets above the allowable amount, such as in pension or retirement accounts, or real estate or other types of assets. All of these will be part of the discussion, as part of the Medicaid application process and asset protection planning.

In addition to Medicaid Planning, Saulino Law offers other Elder Law services including other planning strategies that do not involve Medicaid, and making sure your estate plan is up to date for your family. The latter is very important so that you are in control of important decisions relating to your healthcare, financial needs and it will take stress off of your family.

Saulino Law is not your typical law firm. If you are already in a nursing facility, or at home, then we come to you. A furry friend may also join the meeting at your request. While not an official “therapy” dog, Miss Jay loves to visit clients and friends. She tends to calm and help focus older individuals when we meet and at times, make them more alert and better able to be part of the conversation.


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